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The main thing in activity the pantheon - services in complex maintenance of the enterprises, manufactures, offices and establishments.
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Work of our departments is under construction on algorithm of coordination and constant tracing of a complete set of orders under the demand of the client. thus fixed manager bears full responsibility for observance of characteristics and quality of the goods. at an assumption of not co-ordinated deviations the goods are subject to an immediate exchange.http://soft-podborka.ru/|http://pz-24.ru/|http://spainfoot2.ru/|http://topclub31.ru/|http://topclub5.ru/

We incur all problems connected with delivery and support of cargoes within the limits of given services.
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The short list of our directions on assortment of goods

Household chemical goods       Of the sanitary technician, a fitting, pipes, latches and so forth  
Overalls, soft stock       Metal rolling, nonferrous metal  
Economic stock       Full assortment for hotel-pansionatnoj economic part  
Fabric tools       , a jalousie, bed-clothes  
Fire equipment       Ware in assortment, disposable ware  
Building materials       Accessories for the import industrial equipment, bearings,belts, chains and so forth  
Kantstovary       Manufacturing of means of outdoor advertising, typographical printed matter (a folder, a card, forms, labels, packing and so forth)  
The professional harvest equipment, urns, containers       Loaders diesel, electric, gas  
Furniture office, soft, landscape gardening       Shtablerywith tripartite processing tractors, collectors of orders, mini-transportirovshchiki .